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Chinese Tea set (1)

  With China's economic development, living standards continue to improve, and now, whether it is visiting friends and relatives, business visit, people to meet after the first offer a cup of tea, Chinese people have always been there, "Customers to offer tea" habits. Tea, with its mellow fragrance, health characteristics of thirst, more and more people pro-gaze. Worldwide there are more than one hundred countries and regions, residents are fond of tea, some places even enjoy drinking tea as an art to promote. Of tea, a wide range of elegant, both practical value, but also the beauty of art rich. So, famous for the ancient tea lovers of all ages.

   Kung fu tea is tea Chinese folk custom. Kung Fu Tea tea inseparable, refers to brewing tea special tea utensils, including pots, bowls, cups, plates, such as child care. A fine tea set with color, smell, taste Ruin of tea, indeed complement each other. Tea craze, more varieties of tea, fine texture. Divided into four categories: Yixing tea set, ceramic tea set, iron kettle tea, craft tea.

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