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greywigs European and American high-end fashion, Ms. wig hair 92.00 USD In Stock
European and American high-end fashion, Ms. wig hair

European and American high-end fashion, Ms. wig hair #WIG058A

US$ 92.00
Photo Color
Stock (All: 1000 pcs.)
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Product Name European and American high-end fashion, Ms. wig hair
color Photo Color
Weight 0.2500 Kg
Category Curly & Wavy
Brand greywigs
Upload Date 2016-09-17
For people: woman
Applicable face: any face
Hair Material: High temperature wire
Process: Mechanism
Applicable skin: any color
You can dye: Not hot dyeing
Wig length: long hair
about the idea of small common sense
1. According to the shape of their faces style clip wig oh ~ ~ everyone's face shape and style are not the same, can have the same wig, so this time need MM people you can try to make a wig and yourself for one, such as forehead small MM can bang clip short, like a knife flat bang, can cut yourself flat, etc... Especially long hair or hair amount a lot of MM, may want to practice more a few times to plug the perfect oh ~
2. Although is Japan hair wig, or and true hair a difference, so is can't acquire hot!
3. At ordinary times after wearing neatly groomed to put back on the wig bag and put on the net, on good ~
4. Although can wash wig, but don't recommend often wash, Mrs. Unless it is dirty, should be washed out ~
5. When the wash to pay attention, can't use hand rub, to gently knead, it is best to protect hair element to wash, if want to wash with water words, the water must be thin.
6. After washing later don't twist dry, flat on towel dry pressure, then hang shade in, remember not with the dryer, also can't in the sun drying.
7. The idea of best use comb comb steel comb, ordinary comb can also ~ don't exactly a comb to comb gently ~.
8. Comb should wig points for several long, be sure to gently and kindly, want to have patience .

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